Does the price matter when it comes to Thai Massage?

When you walk the streets of Bangkok, Pattaya or Patong you might come across many different prices on Thai Massage. The real tourist’s areas might have a slightly higher price range and the one off the beaten street.

I often wondered why the price of foot massage was always higher then price of a Thai massage but nobody could really answer this. This changed just last year when the price of a foot massage was lowered to under or similar price as a Thai massage.

Thai massage should be more expensive since they put more work to it. But in Thai way of seeing it they made foot massage more pricy.

The price of Thai massage

During this last downturn of tourists in Thailand and the problem with the airport 2008 the price of a Thai massage have fallen down as low as 100 THB an hour in the tourist areas. But the price of a Thai massage can be as low as 50 THB an hour if in some places were the Thai people go. I personally visited one of these places in Phuket and I can tell you they were as good as the one for 1000 THB for an hour. You could also order drinks and food while getting a massage. It is more like a place to relax and most of the customer takes up to five hours.

Different prices different quality

In my own experience the Thai massage places that just pop up in a shop house and make some blankets on the floor in an internet shop with a cheap price are not as good as the one traditional once. I visited these 150 THB Thai massage places and she called in the food vendor to take care of my friend. She had off course no real experience in Thai massage and it was two hours of boredom. That said the 2500 THB traditional massage is almost always as good as the 300 THB. I would never pay more then 300 THB for a normal Thai massage. For example Health Land offers very good quality Thai massage for a similar price in VIP rooms with TV. There is no reason to pay overkill price of 2500 THB some massage places charge in Thailand.

What did you pay for a Thai massage?

If you have similar experiences of different once please contact us and tell us about it we like to know what you think.

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