Secret Garden Retreat in Phuket

A clean environment and good nutrition are essential to a healthy life, says Don, who was asked by Secret Garden team therapy director and owner, Khun Malee, to design the retreat and its gardens. 'I saw the spas Don created in places like Bali and the Maldives and knew his input would be invaluable,' she said, adding, 'I've spent ten years working in, and studying, health and beauty therapy throughout Asia and Australia. This experience, together with Don's guidance, allowed me to develop the best mix of therapies and products, and led to the development of the Secret Garden Retreat as a center for rejuvenation and healing.' Located near the entrance to Laguna Hotels, at first glance the Secret Garden Retreat seems like a shop front. But on entering, you are guided to the hidden garden, the perfect place to relax and enjoy an exotic and healing choice of therapy packages - designed to comfort and nurture from head to toe. 'Though we encourage visitors to sample our treatmen…
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