Pathways Spa in Phang Nga

Home To The Sarojin, Pathways Spa offers fully natural spa, and blends together the ancient physical and spiritual healing. The restorative nature brings harmonious spa to the creation of an almost sacred oasis for nourishment and rejuvenation. All treatments are specifically based on Buddhism way in healing progress such as an act of loving kindness or "Metta" in Sankrits Buddhist term which applies to the belief and the feeling should be done in every path way of Pathways Spa. Enjoy 100% natural ingredients: sesame seed, sunflower oil, eucalyptus, bergamot and geranium. Or, get your skin smooth and gentle by Siamese Herbal Scrub to exfoliate dead skin and to deep cleanse and hydrate the skin pores. The menus you should not forget to experience at Pathways Spa are the Chakra Oil Massage, Warm Stone Massage, and Faa Fairt Massage. As you enter Pathways, you will see what other people can't see that is a haven floating over the main estuary and central energy lay line across to …
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