Jirung Spa in Chiang mai

Our Village is a sanctuary for health lovers. It provides the opportunity to rest and refresh the components that make up our spiritual, mental and physical being. Our treatments are based on therapeutic techniques refined over the centuries while enhanced by modern research. They embody an ideal integration of Western science and Eastern traditional medicines, plus the time-tried balancing of mind and body through the Buddhist reverence for wellbeing - all this, under Jirung’s beautiful surroundings of flora and fauna. At Jirung, guests receive a healthcare program administered with professional care, and tailored specifically to their needs. It also combines the "medicine" of health-giving nutrition, together with graded exercise, yoga, element-based spa treatments, natural herbs, meditation and the body’s internal channels. Jirung Spa of Eternity Jirung Health Resort, 99 Moo 7, Rim Tai, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai 50180 Tel: 0-5386-1511-3, 0-5386-0322 http://www.jirungreso…
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