Anne Semonin Spa in Bangkok

Our Spa is a privileged place which offers an extensive range of personalized treatments for women and men, helping to banish fatigue, relax mind and body, maintain youthful skin and to help keep overall beauty, wellness and health. Based on highly effective natural ingredients such as plants and algae's, our products encourage the balancing of all kinds of skin types and, at the same time, they bring relaxation and peace thanks to the calming and vitalizing effects and the subtle scents of the essential oils. They are also perfectly adapted to pre and post surgical treatments of the face, to help prepare the skin or to recover its balance after an operation, and they can be used to complement aesthetic medicine needs by helping to increase and prolong the treatments' effects. You will be welcomed for your spa experience with a warm towel perfumed with essential oils and a cool refreshing drink, and we will awaken your back with a massage accompanied by warm aromatic o…
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