Amburaya Spa in Pattaya

Amburaya Spa at Sheraton Pattaya Resort has introduced a special new spa treatment that is inspired by and adapted to the tropical winter season. Coconut Body Glow involves freshly mixing a special scrub cream of turmeric, coconut milk, vanilla, lavender and coconut essential oil in the base of a dried coconut. Effective and safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin, the formula optimises moisturizing properties and brightens the skin at a time of year when dryness and dullness can be a problem. Expert application by experienced spa and beauty therapists leaves the skin softer with a velvety sheen and a subtle perfume. The emphasis of each treatment is both on the pleasure of the guest and the attainment of recognisable results in terms of physical suppleness, skin condition and a sense of tranquillity. Located in a dedicated complex within the leafy, ocean-side grounds of Sheraton Pattaya Resort, Amburaya Spa offers a serene slightly exotic ambience in w…
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