Aisawan Spa in Pattaya

Aisawan Spa features exquisite facilities comprising traditional Thai style VIP massage and treatment rooms. The spa also takes pride in applying the finest of natural products and boasting a dedicated team of highly skilled therapists. Offering luxuriously appointed treatment that exude an air of serenity and relaxation, while the idyllic outdoor spa villas are set between pristine lotus ponds spanned by natural wooden walkways. Guests can experience the very essence of nature as they revel in the refreshing breeze and take in the fresh, clean air as it flows from the ocean and at the same time enjoy the gentle touch of a delicate massage. Speaking to all of the senses, the spa journey at Aisawan Spa is guaranteed to be a truly sensual one. Aisawan Spa takes the spa experience to another level, providing top-grade service, offering superior-quality natural therapies performed by a professionally trained and dedicated team, and applying its own specially created natural prod…
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