Japan’s best known skin-care manufacturer Shiseido has introduced its luxurious Qi Shiseido brand of spa salons and exclusive spa products to Thailand with the aim of utilising the company’s beauty expertise and the vital essence of qi to accomplish the ultimate rejuvenation of body and mind. According to Oriental philosophy, qi is the fundamental energy that circulates in the human body, the balance of which is essential for a healthy mind and body. Qi energy plays an important role in each person’s wellbeing and any imbalance caused by stress or other detrimental influences must be corrected to bring harmony back. Qi therapies provide the methodology to accomplish this rebalance.

Shiseido created the Qi treatment system to stimulate mind and body energy by combining Western beauty massage techniques with Eastern Shiatsu as the path towards harmony and revitalisation. Shiatsu utilises fingers and palms to stimulate pressure points and energy lines within the body, inducing deep relaxation and generating a flow of the vital force of qi. To facilitate the therapies, Shiseido developed its exclusive range of Qi Shiseido Esthetics spa products based on the latest developments in dermatology and biotechnology. Possessing hypoallergenic properties that provide for the ultimate care of the skin and with no artificial colouring, all Qi Shiseido products feature a faint, spicy, herbal fragrance designed to relax and refresh.

Each Qi Shiseido Salon & Spa offers a full spa experience, providing clients a choice from a carefully compiled menu of facial and body treatments that utilise Qi Shiseido Esthetics beauty care products. These treatments assist and heighten the skin’s homeostatic function – its inherent ability to make itself healthier and more beautiful, resulting in enhanced radiance, virtually a glow of good health. The spa’s facials include treatments for oily, dry and sensitive skins with special masks, while problem skins are given deep cleansing coupled with a mask of nourishing nutrients. For a radiant look, there are whitening, brightening and energising treatments as well as a thermal heat treatment to rehabilitate the skin, making it tighter and reducing wrinkles. Every body treatment includes the Qi Body Massage with fingers and palms to stimulate the Shiatsu pressure points, generate a healthy flow of qi and soothe tension out of the muscles. Qi Special Body Treatment is the ultimate in relaxation, combining Qi Body Massage, body wrap and energising Qi Bath that focuses on easing tension in all the body’s muscles. The bath treatment uses a Qi Bath Essence containing minerals and herbs to stimulate the metabolism and induce perspiration. Recommended for busy clients, Qi Back & Shoulders Treatment provides a delightful combination of Qi Foot Treatment with Back & Shoulders Massage, culminating in a soothing foot soak in water seeped in rich Japanese herbs. The end result is a feeling of warm relaxation, readying clients for the rigors of the day.

To reinforce the effects of each body treatment, the spa offers Qi Herbal Jacuzzi that uses Qi Bath Essence to stimulate the metabolism, while the bubbles and water jets in the jacuzzi massage muscles all over the body, increasing blood circulation and opening the pores as the body Qi Shiseido Salon & Spa warms. The result is a deeply comforting sense of relaxation (available only at Jasmine City and Siam Paragon.)

Qi Shiseido Salon & Spa offers customers a one-stop service of total head-to-toe beauty in a modern and relaxing environment, supplementing its spa therapies with hair services of styling, perms, colouring conditioning and treatment, plus nail care and make-up utilising high quality products formulated by Shiseido Professional Japan. To achieve this, Qi Shiseido stylists and estheticians undergo the best training programmes in Japan and Thailand so that clients are assured of special care from superbly trained beauty masters.

Qi Shiseido Salon and Spa – Sukhumvit Branch
The Emporium, 2F Plaza Zone, (connected to BTS entrance, Promphong Station)
Operating Hour: 10:30 – 20:30 (No holiday)
TEL: 0-2664-8542-4

Qi Shiseido Salon & Spa in The Emporium

Qi Shiseido Salon & Spa in The Emporium

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