Quan Spa in Samui

Through the ages, the search for an elusive elixir to eternal youth and vitality was found to be none other than a simple and abundant natural element – water. Water is the source of all life, the answer to our quest for a life of health, wellness and energy. Quan, a Chinese word that literally means “ a source of pure water” is the name we have given to our spas, which draw on the restorative properties of water to offer an oasis of healing and rejuvenation. Borrowed from a language rich in symbolism and imagery, Quan also refers to all things good and pure - an auspicious word to represent a spa that seeks to provide a path to wholeness and well-being. Each of our spa destinations is adapted to its location and embraces the time-honored healing practices of its local culture, infusing them into Quan's basic philosophy that water is at the core of the ultimate health-enhancing experience. At Quan Spa, the miracle of water lies ahead of you. Quan Spa Renaissance K…
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