Qi Shiseido Salon and Spa in Jasmin City

Japan’s best known skin-care manufacturer Shiseido has introduced its luxurious Qi Shiseido brand of spa salons and exclusive spa products to Thailand with the aim of utilising the company’s beauty expertise and the vital essence of qi to accomplish the ultimate rejuvenation of body and mind. According to Oriental philosophy, qi is the fundamental energy that circulates in the human body, the balance of which is essential for a healthy mind and body. Qi energy plays an important role in each person’s wellbeing and any imbalance caused by stress or other detrimental influences must be corrected to bring harmony back. Qi therapies provide the methodology to accomplish this rebalance. Shiseido created the Qi treatment system to stimulate mind and body energy by combining Western beauty massage techniques with Eastern Shiatsu as the path towards harmony and revitalisation. Shiatsu utilises fingers and palms to stimulate pressure points and energy lines within the body, inducing de…
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