Palm Herbal Retreat in Bangkok

At Palm Herbal Retreat spa, you can expect a soothing treatment in a relaxing atmosphere and comfort of a “Spa at home”. Palm Herbal Retreat uses traditional Thai herbs mixed in age-old formulas to give you a truly refreshing and natural treatment in a selection of different treatment to appeal to you sense… A pioneer in authentic home spa since 2000, Palm Herbal Retreat is still one of the best spa in town, offering a plethora of pampering spa services such as body massage, scrubs, wraps, baths, facial treatment, as well as waxing and paraffin treatment. Check out the Chinese Pearl Body Scrub and Wrap, as well as the exotic Birdnest Collagen Package, available exclusively here. Access the website to read full price list and start embarking on a sensory journey through the herbal realm. Member of Thai Spa Association. An approved spa for Thailand Elite Card member since 2004. A certified spa under the Ministry of Public Health Certification program. Palm Herbal Retreat 522…
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