Dulaya Spa in Bangkok

Dulaya means balance. Achieving the balance between the body mind and soul is the key in experiencing of wholesome, healthy and energetic lifestyle. Dulaya spa – Thailand spa offers an experience of Bangkok spa with an authentic Thai culture and heritage through the integration of the four vital elements of the Thai traditional medicine: Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. Together this totally new experience encompasses the entire person into the perfect stage of balance and harmony in Thailand spa. Dulaya spa a Thailand spa experience situated among a cluster of astonishingly beautiful Thai designed houses, with the entire surrounding meticulously architectured, Dulaya spa – Bangkok spa offers a unique array of Thai treatments an also a wide selection of regular beauty and health treatment here, at Dulaya spa – Thailand spa, you can escape the normal everyday hectic living and start your journey to rediscover the secret of total wellness. Dulaya Spa The Villas, 88 Sukhumvit S…
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