Thai Spas Successful Despite Currency Movement

Thailand is still one of the World's top 5 destinations for Spas despite the Baht's fluctuation rates. The tourists are looking for quality services and medical professionalism in Spas that don't really mind the costs due to the fluctuating exchange rates. Thailand's medical costs are not that different from other countries in Asia and the Doctor's fee is a bit cheaper. Its growth in the country's medical progress and professionalism and the choices available to patients. However, Thailand has been weak in advertising and public relations to lure medical tourists. Just last year, 2.4 million foreigners sought for medical services and they spent 140 billion Baht in total. There will be a "Medical and Wellness Familiarization Trip" in Bangkok which will be on August 12-18. Last year's same event reflected Thailand as a regional medical and spa destination. This event is one of the campaigns to further boost Thailand's medical and spa operations. This familiarization trip ai…
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