Rainbow Arokaya in Chachoengsao

Rainbow Arokayal is a world-renowned holistic health center featuring the latest alternative medical treatment specialized in illness prevention. Unlike any spa, we have dedicated ourselves toward empowering visitors with health awareness to live longer, healthier, and happier lives. Experience the best holistic care in all of Thailand and be swept away by our nurturing hospitality. Not only for luxurious and frivolous pampering, massage is a timeless practice that induces self-healing throughout the entire body. Medical research has shown the benefits of massage being pain relief, reduced anxiety and depression, with positive influences on the heart rate and blood pressure. The various types of massage offered in our health spa pavilion help activate the parasympathetic nervous system, stimulating the release of endorphins and serotonin, increasing the flow of lymph, and improve the general quality of sleep. Not surprisingly, recent studies have also shown evidence of ma…
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